Two weeks post tummy tuck - right arm numb when sleeping?

I will be two weeks post tummy tuck tomorrow. I am sleeping in my bed with pillows and a wedge behind my back and one under my knees. For the past week I have been waking up several times during the night with my arms numb. Sometimes they are so asleep they are almost painful. They are also cold to the touch. I move them around change positions as much as possible as go back to sleep. Is this caused by poor circulation from my sleeping position or could it be a sign of a blood clot?

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Numbness in Arm After Tummy Tuck #tummytuck

Your tummy tuck should have nothing to do with this. In the manner you describe your symptoms, it sounds like you keep laying on your arm and it falls asleep. I do not see any relation to your surgery from what you describe in your question.

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Arm numbness

It is unlikey that you have a blood clot in both arms and is more likely to be caused by your sleeping position.

Steven katz md

The discomfort as you recover from a tummy tuck would be limited to your tummy, You may find that your mobility may be limited for a while as you recover. It sounds like numbness in your arms is caused by sleeping position. It is not likely that your arm numbness is caused by poor circulation or blood clots. Don't worry- but if the arm numbness begins to happen when you are not asleep or as you get more active, contact your plastic surgeon.

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