Will a Tummy tuck change the shape of a person butt?

I've been reading about tummy tuck and few ppl have mentioned their but looked different in shape ? I am having a tummy tuck with lipo and MR and this is concern for me now that I've read some of the post -- I don't want my butt to change . thank you

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Buttock shape change

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A tummy tuck in itself should not alter the shape of your buttocks. If liposuction is performed too aggressively on your hips during abdominoplasty, this can alter the shape of your buttocks.

In many of my patients, I also liposuction the lower back to give a more defined and pleasing buttock shape- you can greatly accent the projection and shape of buttocks not necessarily by adding fat to them, but by removing fat around them.

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Buttock Shape and Tummy Tuck

While the actual size and shape of your buttocks will not change with abdominoplasty, your proportions will change. Sometimes dramatically. These changes are usually for the better !

John LoMonaco, MD, FACS
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Will a Tummy tuck change the shape of a person's butt?

A tummy tuck should not affect the buttocks.

Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of tummy tuck procedures each year. Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Yes it could change it...

Abdominoplasty alone doesnt make changes on butts shape...but when they are done with lowerback liposuction, butt shape is going to change.

99 % of all my abdominoplasties are combined with liposuction for best results and butts shape changes for better.

Alejandro Hernandez Pizzoglio, MD
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Tummy Tuck Does not Affect Buttock Area

A tummy tuck is designed to improve the look of the abdominal (tummy) area by removing excess skin and fat as well as tightening loose abdominal muscles. Removal of a large amount of tummy tissue may make a person's entire body look better including the buttock area. However, a tummy tuck does not cause any direct effect on the buttocks. It is possible to inject fat into the buttocks, lift the buttocks or place gluteal implants (buttock implants) at the time of a tummy tuck to improve the look of the area.

Philip E. Fleming, MD
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Most of the time, an abdominoplasty just addresses the front of person's torso and therefore butt contouring is usually not the case. If you are looking for that, you may want to consider a truncal lift which addresses the front and back of a torso. Thanks for your question.

Chad Douglas Tattini, MD
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A tummy tuck should not change the shape of the buttocks

Thank you for your question. The tummy tuck may alter the waist and flank region but in my experience I have never seen a tummy tuck change the shape or appearance of the buttox.

Tummy tuck and buttocks

A tummy tuck alone would not change the appearance of your buttocks but if you had flank lipo this would change the overall relative appearance of your trunk.

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