I Have Two Raised Bumps Above my Forehead, What is It and What Can Be Done? (photo)

Recently I have noticed two raised bumps right above my eyebrows. I'm unsure if this is my brow being very prominent or if its anything else. They look odd, and I have been looking at other people and don't see anyone else with this raised brow. It is very noticeable in pictures where a flash is used and makes me very self conscious. I seek advice and help of what can be done to get rid of these, and if someone can explain. I am a 20 year old male. I don't know how long this has been there, thanks!

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Raised bumps.....

This needs to be evaluated by a General Internist and/or a work up by an Endocrinologist. 

It appears from your picture that you need to be worked up for "frontal bossing."  However, this is only from the picture so do not get alarmed....

Frontal Bossing can be associated with disorders that secrete to much growth hormone. 


From a cosmetic point of view, there are options to disguise a prominent forehead but, you don't want to ignore a medical issue if one exist.


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Forehead prominence

The question is what is actually there.  If what I am seeing is hard it is most likely consistent with bone.  I would perform x rays to verify, a front and side view.  All patients are evaluated medically prior to surgery.  If your work up is negative with the exception of the bony prominence than the issue is what are you willing to go through to correct it. The approach would be as a coronal incision hidden within your scalp assuming you do not have a high forehead and than taking down the prominence. This may be over the frontal sinus and involve taking out the bone, preserving the sinus and either replacing a component of the bone or peroform a cranioplasty to smooth out the contour. This needs to be discussed in detail with your surgeon after your evaluation and films.

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