Why do I need a Physical before Tummy tuck/ what can I do to prepare myself for surgery?

Getting ready for abdominalplasty lipo on flanks and rectus repair in three weeks, just curious why I need a physical and what they are looking for do I need to lose weight before surgery. Any tips or advise are greatly appreciated!

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Pre-op health considerations prior to tummy tuck surgery #plasticsurgery

Tummy Tuck surgery is an extensive procedure often done under general anesthesia. Health must be optimized prior to this elective procedure. For patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and other chronic health problems, we often have the patient see a local internal medicine doc to help optimize their health prior to cosmetic surgery with us.

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Pre op evaluations prior to multiple procedures

Hi and thanks for posting your question on RealSelf.com!
As plastic surgeons, we need to make sure that our patients are in the very best health possible prior to undergoing elective surgical operations. We know that abdominoplasty and multiple procedures performed at the same time put our patient at an increased risk of having adverse events. I am not privy to your unique situation, but having a physical and routine blood work prior to the described procedures seems very reasonable.

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Each surgeon has his or her requirements before surgery is performed.  Safety is the primary concern.  The combination of procedures you are having is common in our industry.Hope this helps.Dr. Ali Mosharrafa

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