Puffy and Raised Tummy Tuck Incision

I am 12 days out from a Tummy Tuck, and I still have one drain in. I am 5'4" and 120 pounds. I've had two pregnancies, the most recent was twins by c-section 18 months ago. My stomach was firm and protruding above the belly button area from diastasis. The area above my belly button, my biggest concern, looks great. But my incision site looks like a ledge and seems to be raised about an inch off my abdomen than what would look natural. Could this be swelling? Can this improve? Is it too early to be concerned?

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Tummy Tuck Scar

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Fullness at the incision this early after surgery may be due to normal post-operative swelling and the closure technique and suture choice used by your surgeon.

Time is on your side! It may take 6 months to a full year for swelling to subside completely.

Good luck with your recovery!

Dr. C

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Abdominopalsty scar

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At 12 days post surgery, the ledge you are feeling at the incision closure may be swelling. Hard to say without an exam.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Way too early to worry... and the ridge you see will probably work to your advantage later

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Hi there-

The ridge that it sounds like you have is most likely from the suturing technique used at the time of your surgery, and is done in order to take the tension of the closure off of your skin. This usually results in a more inconspicuous, fine line scar.

Scar maturation takes a long time (up to a year), but your scar should start to improve soon, and continue to improve over that time.

Don't be worried. Keep all of your appointments, and follow your surgeon's advice carefully.

Congratulations on your new shape!

Raised Tummy Tuck incision could be swelling-related

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You are early and this could be swelling-related, but show your surgeon to be sure. Does your surgeon have you in a tight garment? Did you have liposuction along with your TT surgery? Lipo can make things swell before they shrink down.

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

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