Type of Stitches Used for Tummy Tuck?

What sort of stitches do you get when getting a tummy tuck? Are they dissovable or do you have to get them removed?

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Sutures for a tummy tuck

Every surgeon is different in terms of the sutures that they use for a tummy tuck. I use a soft permanent suture to repair the weak muscles, but all the sutures I place in the skin dissolve and do not have to be taken out.  The only sutures removed are those that hold the drains in place.

New York Plastic Surgeon
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All stitches under the skin

Abdominoplasty is usually done all with sutures under the skin. Some of them in the muscle may be permanent, but don't need to be removed. Those that close the incision and skin will dissolve and do not need to be removed. You definitely want this type of stitches to make the scar as small as possible.

G. Gregory Gallico III, MD
Boston Plastic Surgeon
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Dissolvable sutures used for Tummy Tuck

Sutures used may change depending on the patient. Every patient is unique and may benefit from different suture types. All surgeons differ in preference for sutures used for tummy tuck procedures. I use internal sutures which dissolve. It is more comfortable for the patient and gives a nice result. I also may apply steri strips along the incision site. Sometimes, I may even use staples to ensure a better result as well.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Type of stitch for Tummy Tuck depends on the surgeon

I would go meet with several surgeons and ask them what "he/she" does. The types of sutures vary from doctor to doctor. There is no "right" way. We all do it differently for what we believe works best. I know of a plastic surgeon in my area who staples the skin closed. I can hardly believe it but it is true. I prefer to close everything in several layers of absorbable sutures but this takes about an hour to just close the incision and some surgeons feel that this is a waste of time.

My belief is that it is my job to get you the best result possible (most plastic surgeons feel this way I also believe) and thus I take my time and use suture techniques designed to heal the best. While this never guarantees a perfect scar, it gives you the best chance. I would meet with different doctors and ask very specific questions such as the type of sutures and go from there. Good luck!

Evan Sorokin, MD
Cherry Hill Plastic Surgeon
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