Do Tummy Tuck Patients Usually Go Home the Day of the Procedure?

Is it common practice to send home patients the very same day of a tummy tuck procedure?

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It is very common to send patients home the same day as tummy tuck surgery

It is very common to send patients home the same day as tummy tuck surgery (abominoplasty). This is due to the use of better anesthetics, pain pumps and desire to increase mobilization to diminish the potential for clotting.

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Tummy Tuck Day of Surgery

Thank you for your question. 

Your abdominoplasty may be performed in a hospital or at our surgical outpatient facility. A general anesthetic is administered, so that you will be asleep throughout the procedure. When surgery is completed, you will be taken into a recovery area where you will continue to be closely monitored. Small drain tubes will have been placed within the abdominal tissues to help avoid accumulation of fluids. Gauze or other dressings may be applied to your abdomen and covered with tape or an elastic bandage.

You may be permitted to go home after a few hours unless you and the doctor have determined that you will stay in the hospital or our surgical facility overnight. Best of luck!

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Do Tummy Tuck Patients Usually Go Home the Day of the Procedure?

I perform surgery at an outpatient surgery center. Most patients are usually discharged home, preferably with a nurse for one day.  It is the rare patient who, for a variety of reasons, may benefit from additional monitoring ( as an overnight stay or as an inpatient).  Regardless, when you are discharged home it is important to have a good support system to help you during the healing process ( the more help the better).  Generally speaking, “mommy makeover” procedures are associated with a very significant physical ( and often emotional) recovery period,  often underestimated by patients. Best wishes. 

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Tummy tuck patients go home the same day with a registered nurse.


1)  Not everyone can go home the same day they have a tummy tuck.  You have to be very healthy and not too overweight.

2)  Surgery is done in accredited operating room and recovery room with board certified anesthesiologist.  These are great safety factors.

3)  Then you spend 2 or 3 hours in our recovery room until you can walk.  Then you go home or to a hotel with one of our trained registered nurses, who watches you closely overnight.

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Tummy tucks usually outpatient for healthy patients

Although a tummy tuck isn't a trivial procedure, most patients do very well going home after surgery. One thing that has been very helpful is the use of an On-Q "pain pump" which automatically infuses numbing anesthetic into the area for the first 3 days. For patients with medical conditions that put them in a higher risk category for complications, it makes more sense sometimes to stay overnight.

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Tummy tuck is safe as an outpatient procedure

We perform abdominoplasty as an office based or outpatient procedure. Every one goes home the same day. There are some practices that will keep tummy tuck patients overnight, though the trend has been away from overnight stays for some time now. With the right preparation, you should be able to recover well at home.

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Inpatient or Outpatient Tummy Tuck

The decision on whether to be admitted or not following a tummy tuck is one that should be made in concert by the surgeon and patient.  Almost all of my patients choose to spend at least one night post-op in hospital, but my hospital does offer a significant discount for cosmetic patients.

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Depends on the doctor

I usually do the surgery in my AAAASF certified operating room and then after a few hours send the patient home - or if they live far away to a local hotel. I also use pain pumps which inject a local anesthesia so you have little discomfort for the first three days. But each doctor is different - I am assuming you are young an healthy and would be a candidate to be done as an outpatient and would not need a hospital.

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