Intense itching 5 months after Tummy Tuck?

The areas around my scar from my tummy tuck itches like crazy!!! I mean wake me from my sleep intense. What, if anything, can relieve this and how long should I expect this to continue. Bedtime seems to be the worse. Thanks!!!

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Itching After Tummy Tuck

Thanks for your question! Yes, itching is very common as the wound healing process continues and the small sensory nerves start to grow back into the area. Sometimes it can be quite annoying! In my experience of doing over one thousand tummy tucks, what has served me well is using topical Benadryl three times a day to the area. However, check with your plastic surgeon. Best of luck to you, & I hope that the itching stops soon!

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Itching after surgery

Thank you for your question. As you heal your sensory nerves that are disrupted during surgery are regenerating, which can cause all kinds of different sensations. The sensation may be burning, pain, itching, etc. The nerves can takes 6 months to a year before they go back to normal. I would suggest taking some Benadryl before bed to help you sleep, or using a topical anti-itch cream may help. Stay patient, it will resolve.

Francis Johns, MD
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Intense itching 5 months after Tummy Tuck?

I would suggest that you see your plastic surgeon.  It's possible that you have an abnormal healing response such as a hypertrophic scar or keloid that may be the cause of your itching.  If so, steroid injection may help with your symptoms.

Paul H. Rhee, MD, FACS
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