Exercising before TT.

Should I stop exercising a certain amount of time before my TT to give my muscles time to relax or does it make a difference?

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Tummy tuck

Thank you for your question.I would recommend exercising daily until your surgery. Diet and exercise are the two best ways to live a balanced, healthy lifestyle and being in good health reduces your health-related risks and promotes a better post-operative recovery and results. I would wait to be cleared by your doctor before returning to your regular exercise routine after surgery. Best of luck.
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Exercising before TT.

You can exercise up until the day of your surgery. It will make no difference what so ever. Enjoy and Good Luck with your upcoming surgery.

Lawrence Bundrick, MD
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Exercise before a tummy tuck

That's a great question. Thank you for submitting it. Working out and being in shape is one of the healthiest things you can do. Keep it up. Having healthy tissue makes our job as Plastic Surgeons much easier as well. However, when it comes to elective surgery, it is best to stop working out for at least 5 days before. That is because working out strenuously causes the metabolism of the muscles to increase for a few days while the muscles recover. This requires a larger blood supply to provide oxygen and nutrients and remove byproducts that occur with working out. As a result blood vessels in the area become larger and the risk of bleeding during and after surgery goes up. Most patients can resume some light exercise 2 to 3 weeks after surgery, depending upon the specific surgery and assuming normal healing.

Donald W. Hause, MD
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Exercise before surgery

Thank you for your inquiry. In regards to your exercise regimen prior to surgery- there is absolutely no reason to stop! In fact, the closer you are to your ideal weight the better your results will likely be. With the exception of the morning of surgery you should continue your healthy eating habits (making sure to eat plenty of protein and  micronutrient dense foods) as well as exercise.

Leonard Tachmes, MD (account suspended)
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Stop exercising before tummy tuck.

Thank you for your question.I wouldn't change your routine before surgery.  I might suggest not exercising too hard 24-48 hours before surgery so other areas of your body are not sore making it more uncomfortable to move around after surgery.Best Dr. L

Andre Levesque, MD
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