Almost 3 weeks post Neograft surgery... Lot of discomfort and redness...Any thoughts?

On the Donor sight there is still quite a bit of discomfort, like a sharpish sore pain and above the donor sight but just below the recipient site there is some very uncomfortable numbness and soreness. Last, the recipient site is all pinkish and not a whole lot of grafts have fallen out yet... Any thoughts?

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3 weeks post neograft

It is not common for the donor site to have sharp pain 3 weeks after an FUE procedure.  I have only seen this when procedures have been performed using large punches and over harvesting of grafts which creates an abundance of vascular trauma causing patients to have discomfort as you suggest.  I would recommend following up with your doctor to evaluate whether you may have an infection and why you have the pain you are describing.

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Post op FUE expectations

Hello!  Thanks for taking the time to write!  Your description of the recipient site seems normal for an FUE surgery.  As for the donor area (at the back and sides of your head) there are a few possibilities.  You might have an infection or your scalp might be sensitive from the surgery, especially since you are still numb a little at three weeks out.  The most important thing to do right now is to call up your surgeon and have them take a look to make sure you are not getting an infection.  If it is an infection, antibiotics will usually clear things up, but you don't want to let it linger or it might get worse.

Incidentally, the grafts typically shed at about 4-6 weeks so you will likely still have them fall out before they grow again.  Also, I have seen rare patients with numbness up to a year, but it has always resolved.  Hope that helps!

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Post Op Expectations for NeoGraft

This is unusual.  Typically the pain and redness is resolved after about a week.  This could represent an infection or inflammation of the transplanted hair or the donor site.  I would suggest you see your surgeon to evaluate why you are continuing to have these issues

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Discomfort 3 Weeks post NeoGraft is not uncommon

Discomfort three weeks after having the procedure is not uncommon, especially if there were large extractions when harvesting the donor site. However, discomfort and redness can also be a sign of a potential infection. Therefore, it would be best to follow up with your surgeon to evaluate the healing process or to determine if there may be an infection present. If the area is infected, it may be necessary to use topical and/or oral antibiotic medication.

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NeoGraft Recovery

Thank you for your question NeoQ777. I am curious as to the size of the donor site. The larger the donor site size, the more discomfort you may experience, however, this is manageable to a degree by the skill of your board certified hair specialist physician. I suggest you schedule a follow-up appointment with your surgeon to review your progress and visit your discomfort.

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Pain and discomfort after surgery is normal but it normally should not last for weeks.  If you think your pain is not normal, the best course of action is to have a follow up check with your doctor.  What you are describing is relatively rare.

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3 weeks post op

At this point both your donor and recipient area should be healed.  If there is a lot of soreness and redness still present, you need to contact your doctor and go see him to make sure every thing is healing the way it should.

Michael Meshkin, MD
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Could be normal

This could be normal or an infection. You need to see your hair replacement doctor to make sure there isn't an infection. You should use a gentle shampoo to reduce any irritation. Numbness gets better with time. If you had restoration right above where follicles were harvested, numbness and inflammation are more frequent.

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Healing from NeoGraft

Your description of soreness at the donor and near the recipient site may be either a sign of infection or normal nerve irritation, as injured nerves regenerate since the procedure.  In addition, numbness is possible in either donor or recipient site for usually no more than six months.  I recommend you see your physician for a follow up exam to rule out the possibility of infection.

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