Total Cost of Rhinoplasty Including Anesthesia and Physician Fee?

What's the total amount that includes all the things from anesthesia fee to physician's fee?

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Rhinoplasty Fees

Surgical fees will range across the country and based on the extent of the surgery.  The surgical fees for closed rhinoplasty including md anesthesia start at $6000.  Tip Rhinoplasty will be less, and open rhinoplasty will be more.

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Cost of rhinoplasty varies

I have never surveyed rhinoplasty costs in my community or around the country, but we charge $7000-$9000 for rhinoplasty in our licensed, accredited office surgicenter. This total fee for surgeon, anesthesia, and operating room charges is itemized for patients.

Other costs such as recovery facilities and hotel accommodations for out of town patients are provided on request. Although the cost is an important consideration, as Dr. Gunter stated, do not make your choice solely on the basis of finances.

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Total cost of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty fee ranges change from area of the US to the doctor own fee structure. In Miami, the range inclusive of all charges is from $4500 to $8500. Hope this helps.

Cannot Speak for Others

I am in Kentucky so I can only tell you what our fees are for Rhinoplasty and Related Facility Fee and Anesthesia Fee. While some offices choose to divide the fees and present them separately we will present one universal fee for all services. Of course we have the advantage of owning and operating our own office based and fully accredited (AAAASF) surgicenter. Our current fee is $7500 for primary noses and a little more for Revisions of Previous Surgery depending on the extent of the problem.

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Rhinoplasty Surgery Cost

Most surgeons quote potential patients for the total cost of a nose job surgery upon the initial consultation visit. The surgeon, often along with her or her assistant, typically comes up with a projected total cost of surgery upon the initial consultation appointment. This cost is generally all-inclusive, meaning that costs of anesthesia and any physician’s fees would already have been factored into the total amount quoted you and can range within thousands of dollars. The price of a nose job can range within thousands of dollars, depending on the extensiveness of the procedure, geographic location, and surgical experience. 

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Price varies

Pricing varies depending on the surgeon and the city in which they're located. It's best to check out websites of surgeons as a price list may be on their site.

Rhinoplasty pricing

The price of aesthetic procedures can vary widely.  It can depend on the city that you are in, the cost of the O.R. and anesthesia.  It us usually predicated on how much time the surgeon needs to spend in the O.R.  See a few plastic surgeons before making your selection.  Ask the office manager to break down the cost for you.  Remember that cheap can become very expensive if there is an issue.

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Total Cost of Rhinoplasty in Atlanta

The cost of rhinoplasty depends on the amount of work needed to be done, whether or not it is a revision, your geographic location, and the experience and educational background of your plastic surgeon.  The additional costs of the anesthesiologist and facility fee depends on the type of facility and experience of the anesthesiologist.  We have our own fully accredited surgery center as a result we can control and minimize the cost of our facility fee; also, since we exclusively perform facial surgery in our center, we can negotiate with anesthesiologists specifically for facial cosmetic surgery helping patients get the best value.

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You get what you pay for in Rhinoplasty+

The above is a saying I'm certain you've heard before and to an extent it applies to Rhinoplasty as it does to so many other things. I am not impling that the more you pay the better the result but I am saying that selecting a rhinoplasty by what the charges are is not the why to choose your surgeon. If the charge is "bottom basement" there is usually a reason for it. All good surgeons feel they should be reimbursed fairly but at the same time the price should be fair to the patient.

You should consult with a surgeon who:

1) Has a good reputation with both patients and doctors

2) Devotes the major part of his practice to Rhinoplasty

3) Has a photo gallery which shows at least two or more different views of patients (many pts have one view which may be impressive{usually the side view} but the others which are not good. You should not go by the surgeon's claims on the Internet as these claims don't have to be substantiated. The 1st operation is the best chance to get the bestresult.

Jack P. Gunter, MD
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Total cost of rhinoplasty

Although I understand your desire to obtain the price; I can't give you a fixed price for several reasons. Prices depend on:
Extent of the procedure and need for graft/implant materials
Do you want it performed in an office, surgicenter or in a hospital setting?
Do you want a nurse, a surgeon, or a board certified anesthesiologist to perform anesthesia?
Do you want me to provide you with dressings & garments or do you want to buy them?
Insurance coverage; functional portions may be covered, cosmetic portion will not be covered)
Depending on these factors rhinoplasty can range anywhere from $4000 up to $10,000. Think about it and make the right choice. For your information our typical cost currently averages about $5500 which includes surgeon's fees (accredited outpatient surgicenter, certified anesthesiologists, and initial dressings). Many other options are available and prices do vary accordingly.

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