Residual Bump Following Rhinoplasty (2 Months Post Op)? (photo)

I underwent rhinoplasty and tip revision surgery on Dec 11th. It has almost been 2 months and I've since had lots of swelling go down as well as my first post up visit with my surgeon. I have noticed a small bump on the bridge of my nose at the top (where the original hump was removed). I am concerned that this is a residual bump as opposed to the swelling he believes it to be. Does this look like a hump that will remain or is it just swelling still? Anything I can do to help it go down?

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The goal of rhinoplasty is improvement

Your nose has some swelling for the first twelve months after a rhinoplasty. It is best to allow all swelling to heal before determining whether any further surgery is needed. Allow the surgeon to understand your concerns and then answer your questions.

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Rhinoplasty bump

You may have a bump, but unfortunately you need to wait and see this swelling come down even more.  It might correct itself or you may need more surgery.  Good luck

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Residual Bump After Rhinoplasty Revision

It is really hard to tell from a photo. But I would say that you are much too early in the healing process to be so worried. In many, many cases this type of finding simply represents residual swelling. Keep in mind that your skin also has some degree of memory that will require more time to settle down. Taping might help - talk to your rhinoplasty surgeon.

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Residual bump on nose

You may very well have a small bump on your dorsum but it can be swelling. You will need to give it a few months to settle down.

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A small bump on the dorsum of the nose after rhinoplasty a three months may very well be swelling.

In reducing the dorsal hump the plastic surgeon shaves down both bone and cartilage into separate units. The bone overlaps the cartilage creating a small contour change. At the junction of the cartilage and bone slight asymmetry may exist.

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Residual Bump after 2 Months

     A residual hump can usually be palpated and distinguished from swelling.  If your plastic surgeon thinks that it is swelling, it probably is.  Most plastic surgeons who perform many rhinoplasties have the hump completely gone on every case.  However, sometimes during healing due to infracture, the bony callus can develop and obscure this look.  The callus as it matures usually remodels as well.  I greenstick as many infractures as I can instead of medial osteotomy to reduce the incidence.  Kenneth Hughes, MD HughesPlasticSurgery, Los Angeles

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