What did Cindy Crawford have done to her eyes recently (I follow her on Instagram)?

I had a lower bleph like Cindy Crawford (when you had one, you can spot the similarities) and have the same hollowness as her (see her Before picture below). I'd love to get her new look but I have no idea what she used. In your opinion, did they use: restylane, fat transfer, or something else?!

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Fat Grafting to Upper Eyelids

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Cindy Crawford looks great. She does not look like she has had any surgical procedures. Some people can benefit from natural looking fat grafting to the upper eyelid area to fill in hollows. be sure to view many, many before and after photos as a start to determine that a plastic surgeon has extensive experience with fat grafting to the upper eyelids.

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Lower eyelids

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Lower eyelids can be rejuvenated in a number of ways, both non surgically and surgically. Obtain a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area for an evaluation and to discuss these options in detail.


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First, she is lying down and her eyes will appear differently. I do not think she has had anything done to her eyes.

Oh Hifi08 don't get taken in!

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Cindy Crawford may have had surgery, she may have had filler but the difference in the photos you are showing can be explained on a much simpler basis: Head position and photoshop.  Most stars and celebrities have graphic artists on staff or on retainer who work over all of their images before publication.  There is nothing that can't be done without photoshop.  In more candid images, she has wrinkles and hollows in her lower eyelid area.  She looks great but time takes its toll.  Susan Sarandon is a master of photoshop.  I am not sure how much surgery she has done but gosh her published pictures don't look anything like the real person.  Did she have a lower bleph like you say?  It sure does not look like that.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Correcting Hollowed Eyelids

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Both upper and lower lids become hollowed with time passage which can be corrected with injection of patient's own fat. Even without laser resurfacing the lower lids may look lighter with mere injection of fat alone. However, combination of fat injection and laser resurfacing is a very powerful technique that makes the lower lids lighter, eliminates the hollowness and reduces the fine wrinkles providing pleasing, energized and rejuvenated upper and lower eyelids. 

Cindy Crawford's eyes

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It is impractical to compare yourself to a celebrity as there is no way of knowing how much the pictures have been altered.  Furthermore your anatomy is different and even having the same treatment two people would likely achieve a different result.  Go to an expert photographer or an expert surgeon to achieve the optimal results for your own situation.

Lower eye hollowness

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There is no way to compare the 2 pictures. In the first picture, she has no make on, bad lighting with shadows, not smiling and sitting upright. The second picture she has makeup on, good lighting with no shadows under eyes and lying flat as well as smiling. Any one can look better in the settings of the second picture. I do not believe there was any surgery, only an optical illusion.

Edwin Ishoo, MD
Cambridge Facial Plastic Surgeon

Many ways to fix lower lids

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There are many ways to fix lower lids: blepharoplasty, filler, fat, laser.   It is not possible to say what you specifically would need without a consultation.  The results  can be quite satisfying; just make sure you choose someone reputable. 

Dr Rodger Shortt
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