Would I benefit from an upper lip lift after double-jaw surgery/palate/expansion/genioplasty? Too soon to tell? 3mo post (Photo)

I had corrective jaw surgery to help with TMJ pain and correct a slight underbite. I was happy with my appearance before and and not really discouraged with the results 3 months postop. People keep saying i am still swollen/frozen, however I hate that I no longer have a toothy smile and my features all seem out of proportion. Should I be patient or consider consulting with a cosmetic surgeon? I am still undergoing orthodontic care. Help!!

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Lip surgery?

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i appreciate your concern, and your desire to get on with your life after pretty extensive surgery, but I recommend that you wait until all swelling subsides and you complete orthodontic care because your surgeon will need a true starting point for your treatment, and it will probably be different after all your care is complete. Then, you may only need fillers or fat transfer to improve the area. Lip lift is an option, but there are always concerns about scarring. Be sure to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon, good luck!

Lip lift , Toronto Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Adibfar

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You have undergone extensive maxillo-facial surgery and it would take a minimum of 6 month for the swelling to subside and for the muscle function to rehabilitate.
A comprehensive evaluation would be necessary at that point in order to come up with a treatment plan.
Thank you

Lips and evaluation after Jaw Surgery

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I would wait six months after the surgery to evaluate the next procedure. It appears from the photos that fillers placed correctly would give you a nice result with a qualified dermatologist who is an expert in fillers.  Best, Dr. Green

Orthognathic Surgery Effects

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It would be important to wait a full six months after surgery before making a critical assessment of the aesthetic outcome/effects of your orthognathic surgery. But some patients that undergo a LeFort 1 procedure will develop nostril widening and upper lip descent due to the detachment of the facial musculature from the intraoral incision. That is certainly what is evident in your before and after pictures at this point after your surgery.

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