I have an overbite. Why is my lower lip sticking out more than upper?

I have read that people with overbite have protruding upper lip.But in my case its the lower lip which sticks out more than upper.My lower lip is in contact with my upper front teeth.Is something wrong with my jaw or mouth?

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Overbite and Lip Protrusion

It would be best to post a photo to assist you.  There is always facial asymmetry with every person and some can be corrected through simple lip augmentation.  Please be certain to consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

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Lower lip protrudes

One cannot answer your question without a least a photo - and ideally an exam.
It is possible that your overbite is pushing your lower lip forward.
That said - in the normal lip, the lower lip is slightly fuller and more prominent than the upper lip.

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