Can I make my eyelids puffier? (Read question details)

Well, my lids seem to be too deep compared to other Asians. I'm a hapa, and when I'm with my family, I feel unconfident for being there, it REALLY bothers me. Also, 1 of the eyes is a bit"deeper", and in the most part of the time it's noticeable; makes my face asymmetrical. Is there anyway I could get them "puffier"? Eye fillers/fat deposit like aegyo-sal but in both upper/under eyelids. I edited this pic so you can see what I got in mind and tell if it's a realistic thought. Thanks.

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Eyelids puffier?

Adding filler for your eyelids is not like photo changes. The risk of ending up with asymmetries is far too great! Leave your lids alone. 

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Eyelids puffier?

Dear Yamazaki,

Fat or filler injections around the eye can be done but should be done cautiously and only by board certified plastic or oculoplastic surgeon.  

Good luck,

Dr. Chung

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There is no substitute for an in person consultation to answer a question like this.

Generally the hyaluronic acid fillers are very flexible and can be used to create volume like this.  The key is to understand that the service is a bit fussy and you need a fussy injector.  Once the right volume is established, the treatment effect is likely to last well over a year so you will need periodic treatment top off.

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