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I am currenty 4 weeks post op from a lift and saline augmentation. We discussed size before the surgery and had opted for 400 cc. After my surgery the surgeon told my care giver they used 325cc filled to 375 as that is what would fit. At present one of my breasts is a full size smaller than the other and I am assuming that it is still due to swelling on the left although it doesn't feel like it. The right settled in a very flat way and is smaller than breast i went in with before the lift. The left is full and attractive. I already know that they are too small based on the right breast, cuz let's face it, they are not getting any bigger...it's only smaller from here. Questions: 1. What is the reason that they had to use what would "fit". If by breasts were larger before how could something smaller be the only thing that fit? 2. Is it to early fora revision if I know they are to small now? I'm thinking what is the use in letting them heal only to disturb the tissues again later? I am very frustrated and don't know how to approach this with my surgeon as he has already said he can see the difference in size... Which is very obvious to others. Thanks! Sandy

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Breast revision?

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I am sorry but without having performed your surgery it is difficult to answer why those implants were chosen.  As for a revision you have to let things heal.

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