Is 100 Cc Enough to Go Down a Cup Size?

I', 5'6" and 122lbs my implants are 360cc , I have a small frame so I would like to go down a cup size. Do you think 100cc will make enough of a difference. I know that I don't really have a lot of breast tissue, I started with a 34A. i would really llke to end up with a full B cup. I do fit into a 34C but these look more like D's to me.

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Cup size changes

Often the number quoted to lower the cup volume is in the neighborhood of at least 150-200 cc's and sometimes more.

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Going down 1 cup size

100 cc is not enough of a difference to reduce the breasts by one cup size. WIthout photos, it is difficult to tell whether this would be a worthwhile endeavor for you. See your plastic surgeon in followup. You also haven't indicated what profile implant was used in the procedure and that can make a difference as well.

Is 100 Cc Enough to Go Down a Cup Size?

There is no fixed definition of cup sizes so this is hard to answer. 

Most surgeons estimate 200-225 cc to a cup size.

If you went up two sizes with 360 cc implants, using an implant about half that size will get to up about one size. !00 cc will make a difference, but probably not a full cup size.

Thanks for your question, best wishes.

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