How can I tighten skin on my neck?

I'm 44. When I swallow/stretch my neck, I have vertical wrinkles in the center of my neck. I also have a more prominent muscle on the right than the left. If I clench my teeth, the edge of a muscle sticks out in the center of my neck on the left side only. If I tilt my head to the left, the skin is lax and crepey. This doesn't happen on the right because of the large muscle see pic). How can I tighten the skin?

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Tightening skin on the neck

The only procedure that is able to tighten neck skin is a lower face neck lift.  This involves removing skin from behind the ears after undermining the skin in the front and the posterior portions of the neck.  Prominent anterior platysmal bands are best addressed by tightening the muscles in the submental area with permanent sutures and then releasing the bands down low over the lower portion of the neck through a small incision in the submental area.  Once the bands are released the fibers separate and the cords disappear.  The reason that one band is stronger than the other is that patients are usually more expressive with their neck muscles on the dominant side.  

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Tightening Skin / Muscles of the Neck

From your description, it sounds like you have two issues.  1) loose skin and 2) asymmetric and prominent muscles.  Let's start with #2.  For a non-invasive way to reduce the appearance of the muscles, you can try having Botox injections into the muscles.  This will weaken the muscles and make them less prominent.  Botox is temporary and you will need to have injections two to three times per year.  Alternatively, you could have a neck lift.  In this procedure, the muscles are tightened.  At the same time, it will address your other concern (loose skin).  If the loose skin a primary concern for you, then you want to choose the neck lift option as there are not any good non-invasive procedure which cause significant skin tightening.


Good Luck.

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