Removing Excess Skin During C-section?

I'm getting a c-section done. Can I have excess skin removed along with it?

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Removing skin during a C section

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Skin can be excised during a c section surgery, provided the mother is safe and the delivery is uncomplicated. 

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Perforining a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) at the time of delivery or c-section.

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I personally have not performed this procedure for several of the reasons mentioned here but I am aware of surgeons who do this surgery at the time of c-section. Because of the malpractice climate here, even if the patient requests, there is great reluctance to perform a surgery where the possibility of infection and unfavorable wound healing are higher than in an elective situation. I am not aware of any study that shows the benefits nor of any study that shows increased risks to a combination procedure. Clearly there is patient demand and it may take research study to support or discredit this practice.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Do not remove skin with a c-section

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Please search this site for several answers to this question.  All of us feel that it would be unwise and unsafe to do anything more than deliver your child at the c-section.  You need to heal and let your skin shrink for 6-9 months before considering any skin excision. 

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