Fat Grafting to Repair Thumb Sucking Damage?

The intricate network of tendons and flesh structuring the right side of my face has been significantly displaced from over ten years of sucking my thumb as a child. Can fat transfer compensate for this by simply adding fat on top of a displaced foundation?

In my opinion the underlying structure would somehow have to be manipulated back into place first; yet the surgeon with whom I've had a consultation confidently suggests the assymetry and deformation could be addressed simply by filling in any hollows or indendations with fat. Especially regarding the smile, I'm concerned a fat transfer procedure could make things worse by exaggerating the displacement of the foundation.

I would like to make the most informed decision possible and therefore greatly appreciate any answers or advice that could be offered without your having had the opportunity to examine my face in person. I live in Eastern Canada so there aren't many options for second opinions.

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Fat transfer for thumb sucking damage or facial fat volume loss and asymmetry

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Fat transfer has been the mainstay of facial volume loss for longterm correction.

This can be achieved via fat injections, dermal fat grafts, or adipofacial free flaps.

This is commonly utilized in the condition of Romberg's disease and you may want to look this up,

Alternatively, Sculptra may provide a temporary but non-surgical correction.

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