What should I be asking surgeons for correction of diastasis recti and umbilical hernia? What answers do I want to hear? (Photo)

Tummy Tuck/Umbilical Hernia Repair: I'm getting ready to book and I've interviewed 2 very highly recommended surgeons and liked them both a LOT. Leaning toward one slightly more than the other because he bills insurance (thanks, umbilical hernia, for being a "medical condition!"). HOW do I know which plastic surgeon is The One? I like both options- should I search for more? I could go nuts researching. What questions do I ask a PS and what are the AH HA! answers that help me make the decision?

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Hi Dear: tummy and hernia

For you I will sugest doing tummy tuck and hernia repare at same moment of Surgery. You will look amazing!! Try to get some waist and flank liposuction to take a great shape!!Dr Silvia Aviles Dominican certified plastic surgeon hand and microsurgery. Louisville ky

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What should I be asking surgeons for correction of diastasis recti and umbilical hernia? What answers do I want to hear?

You should ask how many of these procedures he or she has performed.  What are the risks and possible complications.  How long is the recovery and what are the restrictions.

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Umbilical hernias and diastasis

are routinely repaired when I do tummy tuck.  If your surgeon is a participating provider and your total costs in the end will be less (make sure they do the math and you won't be asked to pay more later) when involving insurance, then go with that surgeon, simply to save dollars.  Otherwise, if your other surgeon is willing to repair both without any additional costs to the tummy tuck procedure, you could go with him/her.  Choose well so you are not surprised by more costs later as often happens with insurance cases.

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Rectus diastasis and umbilical hernia repair

For the layperson it is difficult to select the right Plastic Surgeon.  So it is best to go to someone who has been in practice a long time and has a great reputation in the community.  Don't forget safety, you might to ask him/her if they have a 100% safety record.

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Abdominoplasty Questions


There is no specific questions to ask that will help you distinguish between surgeons regarding hernia repair and rectus repair. Most surgeons use a permanent stitch that is used to repair both the hernia and the diastasis. 

However, you should ask you surgeon if he uses progressive tension sutures and avoids the use of drains. This is the state of the art of tummy tucks, and repeated data shows that abdominoplasties performed without drains have a lower incidence of seromas, the most common complication of tummy tucks.  This is part of what I call a comprehensive abdominoplasty.

Best of luck!

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Tummy tuck and umbilical hernia repair

Thanks for your question.  I don't have the magic answer (or question) but would suggest that you select by a combination of receiving a sense of confidence and trust and reviewing reputation, personality, empathy and before and after photos.
Most patients with umb. hernias and a rectus diastasis have had one or more pregnancies and usually do very well if they're at a healthy and maintainable weight.  One consideration for you would be if you have too much stored internal belly fat (visceral fat) that will work against good tightening of your stomach muscles.  If so (based on an exam in person) you would be better off losing some of that weight before proceeding.
Good luck and enjoy what should be dramatic results.

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