How Do I Tell if I Need a Thigh Lift?

I have lost lbs 67 lbs i am 31 years old and my legs are very strong but there is a pocket of fat in my inner thighs which is making it harder for me to run should i get the procedure or wait since i am losing more weight

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Thigh Lift More Suitable

Congratulations on your weight loss! If you've reached your ideal stable weight then you can consider having a thigh lift. It has been my experience that patients who have experienced major weight loss are left with sagging skin in the thighs, and this skin tends to remain if only liposuction is performed, or it can even get worse. As a result, a thigh lift would probably be better suited.

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Hello ;

Congratulation on your weight loss.

I would recommend you wait until your weight is optimized following which you can get evaluated by a plastic surgeon.

Best wishes

Thigh lift or not ?

Congratulations for your weight loss and best wishes to lose more.

The best is to lose weight until you are at a reasonable weight for you (weight loss you can realistically do and live with )

'Is there too much skin, to much skin & fat or just too much fat ?

For fat alone liposuction can be done, even if there is some extra skin with fat liposuction alone can give you an adequate result. If there is too much skin which lays in "folds" and can be pulled up with your hand you may better off with a thigh lift.

For what is best for you and the best possible surgery  time a Board certified Plastic Surgeon can help you after examining you.

Good luck.

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