Is There Any Risks Go Under G.A During Menstruation?

am having a rhinoplasty tomorrow under general anasthesia but my menstruation started today is there any problem doing it tomorrow?

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Menstruation and surgery

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Menstruation in general should not impact your surgery.  I have operated on many patients when they were experiencing their menses.

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Is There Any Risks Go Under G.A During Menstruation

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Generally speaking there is no risk provided your Hemoglobin level in your blood is normal. You can determine this by a simple blood test before the operation. If your Hemoglobin is low and you are anemic you need to speak to your Plastic Surgeon ASAP. Being anemic prior to an operation has a lot of drawbacks and I dont proceed with the operation if patients are anemic. It is prudent to wait a few months till it is corrected.

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Is There Any Risks Go Under GA During Menstruation?

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As long as you are otherwise healthy and don't anemia at baseline this should not be an issue. Bleeding during nasal surgery performed by a rhinoplasty expert is typically minimal. You should have an opportunity to discuss this with your plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist tomorrow prior to surgery. This should provide some reassurance for you. I hope this information is helpful.

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Menstruation and anesthesia

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  It is certainly acceptable undergo general anesthesia before, during,  or after  your menstrual period.

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