Is There a Way to Make my Eyelids Smaller?

I have rather large eyelids with almond eyes, a look I don't like. I would rather have more catlike eyes.

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Surgical techniques vary.

To answer your question succinctly:  Yes.

The upper eyelids can be lowered and the lower eyelids can be raised.  Both these surgeries will make your eyes look smaller.  There are conditions that can change the eyelid position [Thyroid Eye disease, for example].

Changing the position of the outer canthus [outside corner of your eyelids] can be changed as well with canthoplasty.

All these surgeries will definitely change the way you look and often patients are not happy with the end result.

Get a consultation with an experience Oculoplastics or Facial plastic surgeon to rule out specific conditions vs your natural anatomy. And think twice before surgery.

Best of luck

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Changing Eye Shape

Changing the shape of the eyes usually is achieved with doing things to the lower lids-  making them more upward slanting is the most common alternation. I suggest you send some photos to an experienced facial
plastic surgeon or oculoplastic surgeon, to learn what can be done.

Jeffrey Epstein, MD, FACS
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Canthoplasty will be a huge mistake for you.

WIth do respect for my colleagues who are ready to sign you up for canthoplasty, you are a beautiful girl with big eyes.  What you need to know is that canthoplasty is ultimately not a cosmetic procedure but rather a reconstructive procedure.  Canthoplasty tightens the lower eyelid.  Will this pull up the outer corner of the eyelid? It can but not for your eyes.  You have a very big eyes.  There is a significant risk that in tightening the lower eyelid the lid will not be pulled up but rather will be forced down below the curvature of the eye surface.  This has to do with the fact that the shortest distance on a curved surface is a curved path.  The shortened eyelid will travel along the shortest path on the curvature of the eye.  This is called a geodesic and this path is not higher on the eye but rather lower on the eye.  This topological reality often burns surgeons who naively perform canthoplasty in the hope of raising the lower eyelid.  

There are means of raising the lower eyelid.  However, the first thing is to decide why you have such big eyes.  When I look at your photos, I notice that you have mild upper eyelid retraction.  The upper eyelids sits close to the junction of the colored part of the eye and the while of the eye.  This is called the superior limbus.  This needs to be investigated in a personal consultation to determine if you might have upper eyelid retraction and why.  An oculoplastic surgeon can perform this assessment.  

Please be careful what you wish for.  Remember that it is very hard to unstir the cream out of the coffee if things go wrong.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Cat like eyes

I understand your desire to have more cat-like eyes. You have a condition called antimongoloid slant where the outer corner of the eyelids is lower than the inner corner. A lateral canthoplasty can elevate the outer corners to give a more attractive upward slant.

Peter T. Truong, MD
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Making eyes smaller.

Morning Persephone,

You would need what's called a canthoplasty.  In this procedure the outer corner of your eyes are moved up a bit.  You really, really, really want to go to someone who is focused on the face and in particular the eyes.  Oculoplastic surgeon or a facial plastic surgeon.  This is not performed everyday by anyone (no matter what the surgeon says) so ask to see photo evidence of this kind of work.

Best of luck, 

Chase Lay, MD

Chase Lay, MD
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Changing the shape of the eye

changing the shape of the eye:

  • this can be done in several ways
  •  your right eye is more open
  • they will always be asymmetric
  • you need a canthoplasty to lift the corners of your eyes

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
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