Upper Eyelid Surgery Sutures Causing Irritation and Blurriness?

I had Fasanella-Servat procedure done on one eye 23 days ago. The surgeon said the stitches will take 2 months to dissolve. I feel some irritation when I close my eyelids and look up. It feels as if something is scratching my eye/cornea. Is this caused by the sutures? When will it go away? I also have double vision in that eye, which sometimes gets blurry. Could this vision problem be caused by corneal abrasion due to sutures? Will it get cured by itself?

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SUtures can be the problem

At this point, it would be safe to remove the internal sutures that you speak of. Bandage contact lenses [large soft contact lenses] can also be worn on cornea to protect the cornea from the irritation of the sutures rubbing against it.

This certainly can affect your vision in the short term [blurriness and or double vison]

See your surgeon

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The conjunctival  (back) surface of the eyelid heals quickly. The under surface of your eyelid should be examined

and if a piece of suture is present it could be removed and relieve the irritation.

Perry F. Garber, MD
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Corneal abrasion

It is certainly possible that a suture is irritating your eye, you should absolutely see your surgeon so that this can be evaluated.

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I second the opinion of Dr. McCracken.

Suture in the upper eyelid that are in a position to rub the cornea can cause profound discomfort and in some cases lead to corneal ulceration.  For this reason, it is essential that your surgeon examine you to day.  Even if he routinely performs surgery as you describe and never has a problem, every once in a while tissue break down can occur causing suture exposure.  So insist that your surgeon examine you today.  If they refuse to do this, I recommend seeing your personal ophthalmologist today to make sure you are not developing a corneal abrasion.  This suture may need to be removed even if they normal dissolve in most people without an issue.

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Irritation After Eyelid Surgery


I recommend that you see your surgeon today.  It is possible that, as you suggest, your suture is rubbing your cornea.  If so, your surgeon should be able to treat you before you have any serious corneal damage.  Of course, there could be other explanations for your symptoms, so it is important to have your surgeon examine you.

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