Is There Any Way to Melt the Fat That Causes Eye Bags?

Is There Any Way to Melt the Fat That Causes Eye Bags?

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Unfortunately, these alternative methods have not proven safe or reliable.

However, not all eyelid fat needs to be melted away.  There are two very important trends to be aware of for the management of lower eyelid bags.  First has been the conservation of lower eyelid fat using the arcs marginalis release.  In this procedure lower eyelid fat is repositioned to fill the tear trough hollow.  The second trend is the use of hyaluronic acid fillers to fill below the lower eyelid bag.  Ultimately what you need is a personal consultation to determine the basis for your concerns and how best to address them.

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Is There Any Way to Melt the Fat That Causes Eye Bags?

There are but these methods are not as reliable as a Lower eyelid surgery where the fat is manipulated under direct vision.  

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In a word: No

There are many different causes for "eye bags". It could be excess fat, but it may be swelling, or just aging changes [cheek descent/deflation] that can accentuate the eyelid fat.

There are different ways to counter these changes [fat excision, fat grafting, fat repositioning, fat sculpting], but none of these techniques is actually "melting fat".

If you post your photos, we may be able to give you a more specific recommendation.

Best of luck

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