Eyelid Not Closing While Asleep, Advice?

Many Of you Doctors wrote things like " I would see an opthamologist and discuss options such as plugs, tape, and make sure you are using proper eye ointments and drops" in response to my question that was about the Dr. cut too much upper eyelid skin so my eye is not closing while asleep and it's been six months . So my question is till when do I have to use tapes , ointment drops etc...? when will my eyelid get back to normal? (I'm suffering here) :( Thanks in advance

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Eyelid issues

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If your eyelid does not close, you  may need a skin graft to add skin so that it can close. Without an exam, it would be hard say.

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The reason a second opinion consultation is indicated is that this may never return to normal.

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There are circumstances where additional surgery may be needed to help the situation.  I do like the breath right strip suggestion but recognize that supporting the eyelid with tape is probable less expensive and also effective.  Again there is no substitute for seeing someone for a second opinion.  You might consider seeing Morris HartsteinMD, FACS  at the Herzliya Medical Center in Herzliya, Israel.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Waiting up to a year...

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Waiting for up to a year would be beneficial. Scarring can soften up even up to a year after surgery. A good option to help the eyelid close at night are the "breath right" nose strips that people use to help them breath better at night. It has a good gentle adhesive that can be used to close the eyelid to the cheekbone region. If you can fully close the lid at night, you would decrease the need for ointments.


Good luck

A.J. Amadi, MD
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Problems with Closing Eyelids While Asleep

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You need to see a doctor to find out what is going on, if it is from a surgery you still want to check with your doctor to see what steps you can take in the healing process.  It could take up to a year to see the complete results, but you need to sleep in the meantime.  Good luck.


Edward E. Dickerson, IV, MD
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Eyelid Not Closing While Asleep, Advice?

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If your eyes still do not close 6 months after eyelid surgery and you're still having issues with dry eye, you may want to consider massaging the upper eyelid downward that will stretch the upper eyelid skin.  Within a few months, the eyelids will most likely close.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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