Is there anything I can do for one eye that is higher than the other? (photo)

I realized that my eyes were uneven when I was in 8th grade when someone pointed it out. In pictures of me when I was younger, the uneven eyes were not nearly as prominent. My right trapezius sits lower than my left and my collar bone is also slanted. Im 16 and a junior in high school. is there anything I can do to help or any small surgeries I could get in the future, it has made me extremely self conscious these past few months. Also one of my ears sits lower than the other.

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Facial asymmetry

  • First of all, you are a handsome young man. 
  • Second, you have a mild asymmetry, either from birth, development or both.
  • You do need to see a craniofacial surgery and preferably on with pediatric as well as adult experience - and at a specialty University Center (see the answer below for several suggestions.)
  • These are often associated with Children's Hospitals, because in severe cases surgery is needed early on.
  • You will need x-ray studies to map out the differences between the two sides.
  • Once the details are known, you and the craniofacial team can discuss what to do. Best wishes.

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Facial asymettry

You have a facial asymmetry which can arise congenitally (from birth or development).  More history is needed to determine a course of action and a CT / MRI would be helpful to determine the anatomy of the orbit.  In rare circumstances the bony orbit can develop asymettrically and can only be corrected with an extreme surgery called orbital repositioning.  These types of surgeries carry high risk and should only be performed by an experienced craniofacial surgeon.  Ususally craniofacial centers are found at large University Hospitals such as UPENN/CHOP, Johns Hopkins, Boston Childrens, UCLA, UCSF, Baylor, Cleveland Clinic etc... you can begin your search here and request a consultation at an institution near you. 

Good luck. 

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