Temporary crown on my front tooth broke and so did the tooth inside. Now I need an implant - Should this happen?

Should that ever happen? Could the cement have been too strong?

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Broken temporary tooth

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Definitive advice cannot be given without seeing an x-ray.  Many times when a tooth is broken off at the gum line, it can be salvaged with a post and core followed by a crown.  If the tooth is cracked vertically or very deeply, it may have to be removed and replaced with a dental implant and possible bone graft.

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Do i need implant?

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If the remaining tooth structure was weak, or was a very little, the possibility of breacking its high. 
If happens very frequently.
You can have a post+crown procedure or just dental implant.

Post+crown usually needs root canal theraphy first, then take impressions of the root canal to manufacture a post then over that post, they need to take another impression after the post its cementated to put a crown on it.

There´s no need of doing a surgery for dental implant placement to replace a root that you already have on your mouth. A dental implant does the same function.

Other situation totally diferent would be if you have broken that root inside your periodontal bone. less than a 5% of cases. In that situation your only solution would be an extraction and an implant.

Jose Alonso, MD, DDS
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Temporary crown on my front tooth broke and so did the tooth inside. Now I need an implant - Should this happen?

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If your tooth broke while in your temporary, it means your tooth was very weak and brittle.  This can happen because of a large existing cavity or filling, an older tooth that has aged and become brittle, or because it had a root canal.  You are better off have the implant now rather than going through the crown procedure and having it break later on.
You will be interested in knowing that the human tooth is the strongest and hardest part of the body.  The fact that it broke means that there was substantial weakness to begin with.

Norman Huefner, DDS
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How long had the provisional crown been there?  If it has been there for a long time.  You can often salvage a broken tooth with a root canal, post and core, followed by a crown.  If the tooth is broken below the gumline or does not have enough coronal tooth structure to hold a restoration, you may need an implant.

Sherri Worth, DDS
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Happens all the time

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People that grind their teeth also break off dental work. This is a very common experience.
Sports injuries, even an injury from childhood can affect a tooth years down the line. If there is enough root, and it is not too far below the gum line or vertically fractured, the tooth can be saved with a post & core and crown. A bridge (crowns on either side with the false tooth in between that is cemented in your mouth and non removable, is also a solution, as well as an implant. If there are older crowns on either side of the broken tooth, consider a bridge.
The most common cause of broken teeth inside of crowns or temporaries is the presence of a root canal. If there is no living tissue inside the tooth (pulp) the tooth becomes brittle over time.

Gregory Bowen, DDS
San Antonio Dentist

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