What is the Best Solution for Eyes Losing Their Shape After Weight Loss?

I am in the fitness world and often have to diet to extremely low body fat levels. I've noticed that my eyes are almond shaped when I am at a normal weight and sink into more of a circular shape when I am dieting. Can this be fixed with fillers or volumizers? I've noticed a couple of celebrities change the shape of their eye with what looks like a mini face lift, (e.g. Google megan fox or kim kardashians before and after pictures) is that the only solution?

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Face in flux

Fillers would a good option for you during your "lean days". What you have to realize that when you gain weight again, this could alter your "ideal look". The fillers last for 6-12 months and if you don't like the look during your heavier days, you may need to get the product dissolved with hyaluronidase.

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Crash dieting and fillers

This does not sound healthy as you are periodically dieting and probably dehydrating yourself to the point where your eyes change in order to compete. Never mind your eyes think of the damage you are doing to the rest of your body with this behavior. Furthermore, if you put in a filler what are you going to do when you regain the weight and water so you no longer need the filler but it is still there?

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What is the Best Solution for Eyes Losing Their Shape After Weight Loss?

Loss volume causes loss of support as you have noticed. In order to reverse this, you will have to put back the volume and fillers, synthetic or natural such as your own fat can do this.

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Fillers may correct Eyelid complaints


Eye contour and "sad pads" may be corrected with fillers such as Juvederm. Depending on the extent of your problem either surgical intervention or fillers will help with the sunken eye look you describe. Make sure you go to a good Board Certified surgeon that has a lot of experience with injections in this area. It is a precise procedure and needs to be done with skilled hands. Best regards!

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Treatment of eyes after weight loss

Eye contour are can corrected after weight loss with facial fillers. Celebrities, particularly those who are as young as those you have mentioned, look entirely different depending on their makeup and filler regimens; I would not conclude that either has had a mini-facelift at this point. Photographs can be deceptive.

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
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Cosmetic eye shaping is an art form within the confines of Cosmetic Surgery and can be accomplished with medical fillers, surgery and make-up!

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Never use Juvederm for filling around the eyes.

Juvederm is a cohesive filler product.  This is a rather counter intuitive descriptive name for the "smooth" character of this product.  This is helpful for inexperienced injectors treating noncritical areas of the face because lumps and bumps create by the treatment.  However in the periocular area this tendency of the product to spread out created some unwanted post treatment swelling that can be very difficult to resolve.  Restylane has proven to be a much better product for this type of off label treatment.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Eyelid hollows with weight loss.

The eyelid hollows that can occur with weight loss can be filled with fillers like Juvederm. This must be done conservatively so u do not get bumps. 

Toby Mayer, MD
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