Why Are the Sides of my Nasal Bridge Protruding and Becoming More Noticeable? (photo)

I'm a 24 year old female and i have a dorsal hump which hasn't bothered me up until now. I have noticed in the last 5-6 months that the sides of my dorsal hump are beginning to protrude out (left side more than right). It was slightly noticeable before but now i can really tell the difference in shape. Could this be due to an injury to the nasal bridge, if not then what could be the likely cause? And what can be done to correct this aesthetically?

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Nasal bridge irregularities can become more noticeable with age

The reason for this is with the aging process. Skin becomes thinner over the nasal bridge with time.  Any small dorsal irregularities from previous trauma or injuries or fractures are now translucent through very thin skin and are more noticeable.  If there is just a simple removal of a small irregularity, this can be performed by simply rasping the nasal bridge during the rhinoplasty procedure.  A full rhinoplasty does not need to be performed, only a filing down of the small irregularities.

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Rhinoplasty revision for the bumpy dorsum.

Rhinoplasty revision for the bumpy dorsum can be done to smooth out the bridge, refine the tip, etc. The cause is probably your natural genetics if you have not had trauma.

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