Do You Always Get the Results After Your First IPL Treatment? Not Much Change - Day 2.

I just had an IPL photo facial done yesterday using the Alma laser 360. I have 3 brown small hormones spots on my forehead & that it the main reason i did it. Today I have six coffee ground spots on my face that look like blackheads. The hormone spots haven't done anything. My question is will these brown spots continue to come up or does it always happen the day after? The three spots on my forehead haven't done anything. I'm trying to figure out if this even worked for me.thank you so much in advance!

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Do You Always Get the Results After Your First IPL Treatment? Not Much Change - Day 2.

You wont see much difference after having 1 IPL, I suggest having at least 3-4 sessions every 4-6 weeks apart to fully benefit from your treatments, always apply spf daily to prevent any pigmentation. 

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Do You Always Get the Results After Your First IPL Treatment?

I normally suggest purchasing a package of IPL to see full result, with 1 or 2 treatments you wont see much difference.

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When do you see IPL results

Usually when we do an IPL treatment the results are more apparent after the 2nd and 3rd treatments than the 1st one. This is because the settings are usually increased as the treatments go on, and each treatment will allow more and more pigment to rise to the surface. I would also caution that not all brown spots can be treated with IPL. There are things like moles and lentigos and other spots that will never go away with IPL and must be treated differently. I often have patients to come my office complaining that their prior IPL treatments didn't work and I often have to point out that what they were intending to treat never could have gone away with IPL. This is why it's imperative to make sure the office treating you has appropriately trained individuals to make sure you can even treat your spots effectively with IPL. If you're not sure, or they aren't sure what your spots are, find another office.

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IPL Treatment Results

Thank you for your question. By day two, I do not anticipate you getting any more dark spots, and this may be all you are going to get. Now, your problem may not be just pigment. You may have a vascular problem, and this will not reduce for several more days. If there is predominately a red vascular bed under the skin surface, looking like pigment, this is more difficult to remove, and may take use of the Candela V-Beam to treat. Melasma does not go away easily as they usually have a vascular component, making an IPL removal more difficult. The IPl will help with the superficial pigment, but there is usually more to them, and the IPL has a problem with the deeper vascular element. See a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or Board Certified Dermatologist to have a thorough evaluation. I hope this helps.

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