The Pieces of Plastic Inside the Nostrils After Septoplasty Feel Sharp Against my Nose, Normal?

Nostrils and is making my nose bleed, also a stitch came out after 2 days is this normal?

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Plastic in nose

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After a septoplasty, it is common for the surgeon to insert splints inside the nose to fit on both sides of the septum. These are made of silastic which is a plastic-like material. These are usually left in for 5-7 days and then are removed. If yo are having bleeding and pain, try to get in to see your surgeon .

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Splints inside the nose

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There are absorbable stitches in the nose we use during surgery, do not pull on them. If a stitch comes out that is ok. It it is hanging, trim it carefully with scissors.

If you have the splints inside the nose, that is normal. However, they should not be causing bleeding. If it feels like they are cutting into the tissues then you need to see your doctor to get them removed.

In the interim do the following;

1. Saline spray ( I like the brands 'Ocean' and 'Simply Saline')  2 sprays in each nostril 10 times a day

2. Ayr Gel Tube, Apply in the nostril with Q tips 3 times a day

3. Use a cool mist humidifier in the bedroom at night to keep the humidity above 50%. I got mine from Home Depot and they have hygrometer to monitor humidity level built in.


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