Am I Eligible for Septoplasty? I Have 30% Deviated Septum.

I went to an ENT for a deviated septum, I was told my left side was deviated by 30 percent, I have breathing problems through my nose he prescribed me omnaris. I asked about septoplasty he said maybe later in time, my question would be is having 30 percent deviated septum a reason for my insurance bcbsil to approve the surgery??

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Eligibility for septoplasty

Some people experience significant nasal obstruction with a 30% restriction of airflow while other patients do not have symptoms.  It really depends on each individual patient.  If the nasal obstruction from the deviated septum is significant and the patient is symptomatic, then it should be repaired.  It is important to try different nasal sprays, antihistamines, and decongestants to make sure that you have failed medical therapy prior to embarking on surgical therapy for airflow improvement.

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How much septal deviation for septoplasty

It is not necessarily the amount of deviation that determines your candidacy for septoplasty. What is important is the symptoms (if any) you are experiencing, that can be attributed to the deviation of your septum and what conservative measures have been tried to alleviate your symptoms. Many people have mild deviation of their septum but do not experience any symptoms.

Despite all discussed above, you will still likely need to get approval for the procedure from your insurance company. For now, use the Omnaris nasal spray and follow-up with your ENT as recommended.

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