Knots or Bumps on Bone Where Nose Was Broken During Septoplasty- Will They Go Down?

I recently had septoplasty to correct my deviated septum…My procedure was pretty extensive and my nose needed to be broken. I have noticed there are three bumps on the upper part of my nose near my eyes. One on the front and one on each side. It’s clear these are a result of my nose being broken. It’s been just a couple weeks…but since these are bone will they reduce in size? I also feel a weird sensation from them at times…

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Bumps after nasal surgery

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When the nasal bones need to be re-aligned, cuts in the bone are necessary.  The body treats these like a broken bone and heals with the formation of new bone.  This is known as callous formation.  This bone is always thicker than the bone that was there before and is almost always palpable.  Sometimes the amount of bone produced is so great, that a second procedure is necessary to file this down and remove it.  This is known as dorsal rasping.  For now, be patient and allow the nose to completely heal (6-8 weeks).  If the bones are still noticeable, discuss correction with your surgeon.

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