How Serious is the Operation for Male Diastasis Recti?

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Removing fat and skin from the abdomen for a male tummy tuck - Los Angeles

A male tummy tuck can be performed to remove excess skin and fat, or simultaneously with a muscle tightening procedure. Raffy Karamanoukian Los Angeles

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Male rectus diastasis can be corrected through a small incision or endoscopic technique


Thank you for the question.  If abdominal muscle tightening is needed without the need to remove excess skin then a small incision or endoscopic tummy tuck can be performed.  In doing so, the abdominal wall is tightened through very small incisions at the pubic symphysis and belly button.  A drain is still used for about 5-7 days and an abdominal binder must be worn for the better part of 4 weeks.  The link below shows one of my patients before and after photos with lower abdominal wall tightening.

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Repair of male diastasis recti is safe and effective.


The main drawback of repair of male diastasis recti is the scar.  It needs to be kept very low above the groins so it doesn't show.

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How serious is the surgery to perform a repair of a male diastasis recti?

The repair of diastasis recti is not as common in men as in women for the simple reason that most times in women the diastasis is due to pregnancy. In men it would be mostly due to excessive weight loss. That being the case, the repair is performed as part of a tummy tuck. It involves the reapproximation of the recti muscles which have separated.When performed by a Board Certified plastic surgeon in an accredited outpatien setting it is considered safe. But you need to seek consultation by a Board Certified plastic surgeon to examine your abdomen and discuss the post-op course as wellas potential complications.Good luck!

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Male Diastasis Recti surgery

Thank you, for your interest in this procedure. Any surgery has risks and should be taken seriously. This procedure involves repairing the muscle, loose skin, and excess fat, so organs are not being impeded in anyway. I suggest making an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon's office to discuss the risks of the procedure and whether or not you are a candidate.

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