Could the moles at my pubic area be mucosal melanoma? (Photo)

I noticed 3 small moles at my pubic region a few years ago and didn't think much of it. Recently, I noticed that they all grew much bigger than they were and there are also 2 new moles. The moles are rather big and black. I'm very worried that it is melanoma but I'm too embarrassed to see a dermatologist since the 4 moles are beside the anus while 1 mole is at my inner vagina lip so please help me see from my photos whether it seems like melanoma?

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Is this melanoma

Any time a mole is growing or changing you need to be seen in person by a dermatologist. None of us can diagnosis 100% properly from a photo and none of us would want to misdiagnosis. We've all seen worse than what you are describing, trust me. So make an appointment and get checked out properly.

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