Dog ears after mole excision 3 mo ago. Will they go away? (photo)

I had a mole excision on my face next to my lip about three months ago. The surgeon advised the dog years from the surgery should go down, she advised she's never had a case where they haven't. She also mentioned mentioned typically after three months I should see a dramatic improvement. So far, I haven't. The surgeon advised she would not make any revisions until one years time, however I'm really self-conscious about it. What is the likelihood of them going down in a year if they look this?

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Scars dog ears

Three months after surgery the dog ears will not improve dramatically. The picture posted is not clear, but there might be some depression in the center of the scar making the dog ears more prominent. Get a second opnion

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Scars from mole removal

Scars will improve with time. But it's hard to have patience to get through this. Usually the "dog ears" will flatten out. But if they don't, then something can be done. However, it takes the skin time to heal and three months clearly wasn't enough time for you. It's ok. Hang in there as patiently as possible and wait. If things don't improve, something can be done, but don't do it in haste because it all may resolve on its own.

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