Is the Gemini Laser for Vascular Blood Vessels the Same As the Recommended Vbeam Perfecta Laser?

Is the Gemini Laser for Vascular Blood Vessels the same as the recommended Vbeam Perfecta Laser (for treatment of post-Fraxel telangiectasias)? There does not seem to be a dermatologist with a Vbeam Perfecta in Halifax, NS, Canada.

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Gemini vs. V-Beam

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The Gemini KTP laser can be used to treat vascular lesions such as post-Fraxel telangiectasias.  In our practice, we often reserve the Gemini for treating larger blood vessels as the beam can be adjusted to treat vessels that are of a certain diameter.  Besides the Gemini and the V-Beam Perfecta, IPL can also be used to treat telangiectasias.  One added benefit of the V-Beam and IPL is that they can be used to treat general background redness, as opposed to singularly tracing blood vessels as with the Gemini. 

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V-Beam is the best choice

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I love the V-beam and believe it to be recognized as the gold standard for laser treatments for Rosacea and redness.  I am not sure why you have post-Fraxel telangiectasias.  I have not seen that post-Fraxel.  Did you have them before the treatment.  Whatever the cause, the V-Beam is the BEST laser for your condition.

Gemini Laser vs. VBeam Perfecta

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Thank you for your question.  The V-Beam is the gold standard, and has performed for years with great results.  The Gemini is also a great machine when used in the right hands.  The skill of the doctor is the biggest factor here.  Both devices are good options.

I hope this helps.

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