Will Working out After Vbeam Surgery Cause Diffused Redness to Come Back?

I'm getting vbeam laser done in a few weeks for my diffused red cheeks. I asked my doctor if I flush a lot when I workout if that will cause my redness to come back faster. He said that the more I flush after surgery, the more likely it'll come back. Now I'm worried I won't be able to workout! On average, how soon does the redness come back?

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Vbeam works the best for redness

However, your redness is actually exacerbated by flushing.  One mechanism of flushing is induced by exercise.  If you apply cold water immediately after exercise this will constrict the blood vessels and minimize new redness.  You should continue exercising.  Since Rosacea/redness is a chronic condition your may need "touch-up" treatments every three to six months.

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Exercise after V-Beam

Thank you for your question.  Before considering this procedure, you may need to determine your priority.  Listen to your doctor when they tell you to avoid exercise for a few days.  Vessels are closed with the treatment, and exercise increases your blood pressure forcing open vessels previously closed.  We tell our patients to avoid exercise for 3-4 days before resuming.  You may need 3-4 treatments and it is possible for redness to return 6-9 months later requiring additional touch ups.

I hope this helps.

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