What is the best filler for deep glabellar lines? (photos)

I am only 37 years old, and my glabellar lines are so deep it appears that they are now causes pits (for lack of better word) under the lines. These pits are noticeable even when I am not frowning or squinting. Is it to late for botox only? What filler would you recommend for them- and will a filler help not only the wrinkle that goes from my eye brows up, but also the issue between my eyes.

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Botox is your answer

This is a common question among patients who suffer from lines between the brows an area called the glabellum. Filler is not the first line of defense for these lines as it will only mask the true origin of the wrinkle. The glabellum is a muscle group that contracts and causes "elevens" or "furrows" between the brows. A conservative injection of Botox cosmetic at five anatomical locations will allow the muscle to relax, and the furrow to subside.

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Permanent Glabella Lines

With permanent lines in the glabella, you need Botox to stop the muscle function and a filler to elevate the crease. Since you do not appear to have a dermal break, a filler under the dermis (the skin support layer) should be adequate. I prefer something that is relatively long lasting an strong like Radiesse. If the dermis were broken, then a filler would need to also be placed within the dermis to eliminate the whole crease . For this I like Belotero since it does not cause a blue line when injected superficially. See an Expert Injector.

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Best filler

That is a great question!  I would first recommend you have a botox or dysport treatment.  Many times this is all that is needed.

There are many fillers on the market.  It is more important to find a physician who is very skilled and trained in the injectables(ie botox, dysport, restylane, juvederm, teosyl, belotero, etc).  They will help guide  you to the proper treatment. 

This can be a "tricky" area, so you want to see someone who knows the anatomy(ie dermatologist or plastic surgeon).

Good luck with everything.

Dr. Daniel Radin, Windsor, ON, Canada, dermatologist

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Treatment of deep glabellar lines

Hello Steph. I would definitely try Botox first if you have not done that yet. You may get the results you want with Botox alone. If after 2 weeks of Botox you still have some deep lines remaining then a very small amount of filler can be used to help reduce the appearance of deep lines. I like using Belotero for this because it is a lighter compound that can be injected superficially. This is a very tricky area for filler injection, therefore, it's important that you choose an injector (preferably a surgeon) who has an excellent knowledge of the anatomy of the area. Hope this helps!

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Deep glabellar lines - treatment

Certainly the first treatment you should do is Botox, for which you are an excellent candidate.  If after a month they have not smoothed out completely, you can have a small amount of a filler like juvederm xc injected very carefully and superficially.  It is important that this is done by an experienced physician injector.

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What is the best filler for deep glabellar lines?

Sounds like you have NOT tried BOTOX??? Do that first or in combination with blunt tip injecting needle of Juvederm... 

Deep Lines Between Brows

With Botox treatments every 3 to 4 months, the skin can rejuvenate in that area.  If you want instant gratification, Restylane-L or JuvedermXC can be used skillfully in the depressions.  Filler along with Botox will give you the best and longest results.

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Deep glabellar lines

Thanks for the photos, you might want to consider doing Botox first to relax the wrinkles and prevent them from worsening. Anything left over after botox can be filled with a hyaluronic acid filler. The facial anatomy is critical here so I would recommend seeing a board certified core physician (dermatologist, plastic surgeon).

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Filler for Glabellar Lines

Thank you for the photo.  For glabellar lines (11's) such as the ones shown in the photo, I would recommend a neurotoxin (Botox or Dysport) coupled with a filler.  My filler of choice in this area is Restylane.  This is a non-FDA approved use of the filler and injector experience is critical in this area due to the superficial network of blood vessels. In order to prevent problems (vascular occlusion), I routinely pre-inject with lidocaine 1% with 1:100,000 epinephrine in order to vasoconstrict the blood vessels.

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I would recommend starting with a Botox treatment to soften the lines and then be reassessed for filler.

I would recommend starting with a Botox treatment to soften the lines and then be reassessed for filler. There are various different filling products that can be used for this area.

Schedule a consult with an expert injector to discuss treatment and concerns.

All the Best!

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