I Had the Endotine Mid Face Lift 6 Weeks Ago and my Left Cheek is Still Very Swollen, What Should I Do? (photo)

Hi everyone and thanks in advance for your replies. I had the endotine mid face/cheek lift 6 weeks ago. The swelling on my right cheek went down pretty quickly but my left cheek is still very swollen and feels tight. It looks like I have a golf ball on my cheek. Can this happen? is this normal and can anyone recommend anything that will help? I want it gone because the right side looks great.I saw my surgeon at 4 weeks pop and he recommended lymphatic drainage but not seen any change.I'm 32.

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Facial Swelling is normal after a facelift

Extensive swelling after a facelift is normal and may take 6 months to resolve. Just in case, I would visit with your surgeon to make sure there is not an abnormal fluid collection.

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Cheek swelling after endotine midface

You are still very early in the process. I would certainly wait before making any judgments. Be on the look out for infections, and speak with your surgeon. Follow his/her direction, but for now wait  until things heal and them him/her in the loop with your concerns.

Endotine Midface Lift at 6 Weeks

   The device itself along with the swelling can cause distortion.  If there is no hematoma or fluid collection, you should reasonably anticipate improvement over time.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Asymmetric swelling after midface lift

It is very difficult to answer your question without seeing more pictures – you should consider posting more images showing your areas of concern.  Midface swelling can unfortunately last several months

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I Had the Endotine Mid Face Lift 6 Weeks Ago and my Left Cheek is Still Very Swollen, What Should I Do?

What you are describing can occur.  It might be that there was a little more bleeding when the tines went into the cheek tissues and that has caused more tenderness and swelling. Warm moist heat and massage should help some. I think since the dissection was done so deeply that the lymphatic massage, which is superficial, will do much.

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Swelling following facelift

Dear Patient,
It could be residual swelling, a resolving hematoma, or the natural effect of the operation. I would highly recommend that you give it some more time. If you still see little to no change, I would advise that you consult your physician.

One sided facial swelling 6 weeks after Endotine facelift.

After a facelift there are a few common things which can cause one sided swelling, such as, collection of blood, collection of other fluid (seroma), bunching of the tissues due to the sutures, and deep infection.  Your surgeon is in the best position to see, examine and diagnose this concern.  Close follow up with your surgeon is your best course to get this resolved.

Asymmetrical Swelling Post Endotine Cheek Lift

It is difficult to determine the cause of your asymmetry without examining you. As others have said, there are several possibilities but see your surgeon for diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

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I Had the Endotine Mid Face Lift 6 Weeks Ago and my Left Cheek is Still Very Swollen, What Should I Do? (photo)

The photos really show very little. Seek in person evaluation. My guess is either hematoma, infection, seroma, poor placement. 

Its a big surgery and it can take months to heal.

I agree with the other posters, it is very difficult to understand what is going on with the photos you have provided.    It may be that simply more time is needed for this area to settle down.  Lymphatic drainage massage I agree is not likely to be of much help.

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