Are the Effects of Buccal Fat Removal Dramatic?

Are the effects of buccal fat removal going to be noticeable?

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Subtle resultst with buccal fat pad surgery

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The results after buccal fat removal are subtle. The fat is simply removed through an incission inside the mouth. While this decreases the volume of the cheek adjacent to the corner of the mouth it doesnt actively draw the tissues inward. Most patient see and improvement over several months and are happy with the results. The procedure should be avoided however in persons with an already thin face.

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Buccal fat removal usually gives subtle results

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Removal of buccal fat pads should be undertaken if an individual has extra cheek fullness just adjacent to the corners of the mouth.  It is accomplished most commonly through an incision inside the mouth on each side.  If performed in an individual with a thin face, it can lead to unnatural hollowing in this area.
The best way to try to simulate the effects of buccal fat pad removal is to face yourself in the mirror, then while keeping your lips in contact with one another, separate your teeth.  You will see decreased fullness adjacent to the corners of the mouth.

Anurag Agarwal, MD
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