Buccal Fat Removal and my Weird Smile After 1 Day? (photo)

I had it done by Dr Pichet yesterday.I had a longer incision on the right side which is swollen more than the left side. I have a strange smile like the photo. My right side cannot move. I asked Dr and he said it is because of swelling, I am extremely worried It could be buccal nerve damage. He asked me to wait months for this to go away!!! Does it mean I will have to have this weird smile for months? What shall I do now as I am flying back in 7 days....

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Nerve damage after a buccal fat pad removal

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When performed properly, nerve damage after buccal fat pad removal is extremely rare. Fortunately, any asymmetry in the smile and facial muscular movements, is self-limited and should resolve within a few days to a few weeks. Also, there are many nerves that supply the muscles in this area and not just one singular one (such as the frontal branch of the facial nerve). You may also have a symmetry of the smile because of asymmetrical swelling. As long as there is no hematoma (localized collection of blood which may impart pressure on the nerve and delicate muscles), swelling will obviously dissipate as well.

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