Can the Color of a Crown Be Improved?

I was unhappy with the colour of a crown so I asked the dentist if this could be changed: the surface colour was good in outdoor light, but the tooth looked grey / blue in indoor / dimmer conditions. I revisited the ceramist who took more photos, however, the dentist - although he agreed - seems to think the colour cannot be improved. My other crowns look better than this one did & I find it hard to believe that a better match can't be made in the 21st century.

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The Color of a Crown Can Be Redone to Match Better

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Color can be VERY difficult. That is why we charge more for single front crowns. Crowns that don't match must be redone if they are glued in. That is why we are very careful with color before they are cemented. Once in awhile things happen. Just have them redo it and try again. It will never be perfect but you can get it close. Good Luck,

Bellevue Dentist

Colour of Dental Crown

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The colour of a crown depends on many factors, but the most important are the material the crown is made of, and the underlying colour of the tooth.  The most esthetic crowns are made of all porcelain with no metal structure.  The only way these crowns look their best however is if the underlying tooth is also an acceptable starting colour - if the tooth beneath is dark, it can be masked before the crown is made and that should allow an excellent match.  Even a single tooth crown can be made to blend at least to an acceptable level. It may not be perfect but should be very close.

Carlo Biasucci, DDS
Ontario Dentist

Hard to match a single crown shade with others.

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In an ideal world, every single crown should match other crowns.  But, in reality, it is very difficult to do so.  When the crowns are fabricated in pairs, I mean even numbers, you have better chance.  Good Luck to you.

Joo Kwon, DDS
Wheeling Dentist

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Dentistry has the abillity to perfectly match the colour of a single crown.

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Like others have stated the colour of a crown can't be changed, but the crown can be remade to improve the colour match. 

Dental technology has improved and at this point we have the technology and artistry required to match a crown or a veneer with relative perfection.  The only caveat to this is the skill of out master ceramist.  It takes a lot to match a single tooth and there are some laboratories and technitians that are better at it than others.

If your dentist thinks its not possible to improve the colour that may be because the laboratory is unable to improve the match.  There are many technitians in the world that would be able to match it perfectly.  If you want some names, send me a msg.

Hope this helps!

Dan Hagi, DDS
Toronto Dentist

Improving the color of a crown

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The color of the crown cannot be improved without remaking a new crown.  If this crown is all porcelain, it may be some underlying dark tooth color that is showing through the crown and causing some internal greying.  If this is the case, your dentist could try using an opaquer agent to cover the surface of the tooth to block out some of this underlying color prior to remaking the crown.  The other option is to use a more opaque type of crown but this tends to not look quite as natural. 

Gordon Chee, DDS
Calgary Dentist

Can crown colors change

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The answer is NO .Once the crown is cemented/bonded in , you cannot change the color unless you redo the whole crown.  Regarding matching the answer is also NO.

Lets understand why. Teeth are not made of one layer, or one material . It has calcium, hydroxyapetite, crystalline calcium phosphate,and organic matrix of collagenous proteins how can anyone expect a perfect match of a natural material to a lab made one?

Have you seen a natural emerald? No matter how great the product the simutlated ones do not even come close to the natural ones. Modern technology cannot even match a stone, surely you cannot expect perfect match with porcelain compared with actual tooth . 

Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
Orange County Dentist

The Color of a Crown Can Be Improved By Remaking It

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Once a crown is permanently cemented or bonded into your mouth, the only way to change its color is to remove it and remake it. In certain circumstances a Porcelain Veneer could be bonded over the crown without removing it. However, it will be extremely difficult to get the exact final color that way.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Crowns are color stable

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One of the great things about dental crowns is their color stability.  Yet, one of the bad things about dental crowns is their color stability.  There is no changing them.
The only way to change the color of a crown is to make an entirely new one.
One thing to know about crowns is metamerism.  This is the way light interacts with the porcelain, and light reacting to natural tooth enamel is different than porcelain.  Often we need to find out where you are most often, indoors or outdoors, and match the shade there.  Some brands of porcelain are better than others, too, so ask the ceramist.
You should understand that when doing a single crown, a perfect match is nearly impossible.  We try for VERY close, but perfect can drive you nuts trying for it.

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