Dental Crowns That Are too Small and Dark and Very Painful?

Ok I had the top front 6 teeth replaced with new crowns. VERRY VERRY PAINFUL. I hate the way they look they are to dark and iI have too smile like I'am a horse to see them. Question is do you think the dentist will help make it right? this cost a lot of money! What recourse do you think I have? I am afraid to see the dentist. really afraid. call me whimpy in california.

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Dark crowns

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Have you contacted your dentist and shared your concern? There are a few hings that I do not know in order to help you. Obviously you need to contact him,/her, and then look at your options. But I am concerned that your experience was painful. Do you still have pain? Did you choose and discuss the desired color of your crowns with your dentist? Are your teeth under the crowns root canaled ? did you use all porcelain crowns? Were you given options?

The health, procedure options,and the cosmetic options in MY office are always discussed prior to actual appointment to alleviate such issues. Please talk tot your dentist and then share your concerns with us.




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Unhappy with anterior crowns

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Sorry to hear you are unhappy with the cosmetic result that you got with your crowns.  In my office I would do whatever is necessary to make you happy.  Obviously I do not know who your dentist is and do not know what he/she will say.  In my opinion call your dentist and let the dentist know that you are unhappy and the reasons why.  Discuss your concerns and see what they offer to correct the problem.  Good luck

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Unhappy about anterior crowns

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I`m very sorry that you`re unhappy with your anterior crowns. It is essential and extremely important to see the aesthetic work from the dentist where you plan to start the treatment. Also during the treatment it is crucial to share your concerns and wishes with your doctor. Why the crowns were cemented if you didn`t like them? Did you approve them? These are the questions that will raise in any consult. It probably will be best if you will talk to your dentist and discuss with him this issue. In our office we never cement the crowns when the patient is unsatisfied, or is not sure about the aesthetics.

Crowns do not look good.

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I am sorry to hear you are unhappy.  Whenever I do dental work on a patient, especially when it is in the esthetic area, I make absolutely certain the patient is happy with the outcome before I finally place the restorations in permanently.  If by chance, you were unhappy after going home, I would work with you on correcting the problem, within reason.  The first thing I would do is talk to your dentist and discuss your concerns.  If he/she is a good dentist, they would rather you be happy than have you walk out complaining.  Good luck and if you have concerns still, seek another opinion.


Every dentist is different

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In MY office, I would do whatever it took to make it right, but that is more of a personal thing and not a requirement.  If the crowns are clinically acceptable, where nothing is "wrong" then there may be some reluctance.

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