New Crown Feels Loose, Doctor Says Its Ok. Whenwill It Feel Solid?

New Crown Feels Loose, Doctor Says Its Ok. Whenwill It Feel Solid?

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Crowns should not feel loose

Dental crowns should not feel loose at any point. It may be the bite on the crown that is causing the tooth to feel loose, or the part of the tooth supporting the crown may have a problem. Please see your dentist, or get another opinion if your dentist doesn't see a problem.

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New or old crowns should not feel loose

New crowns should not feel loose . Old crowns should not feel loose either. You need to have your dentist check them. if your tooth has mobility, it is even a greater concern, Please go to your dentist and get answers.

Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
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New Crown should not feel loose

I am not sure what the problem would be but a new crown should  not feel loose. I would call your dentist and have them check the occlusion or bite.  The tooth may be loose under the crown.  Either way go back and have it checked



Leonard Tau, DMD
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New Crown Feels Loose

Your new crown should not FEEL loose. Go back to your dentist and have him check the mobility of the crown. If it  feels loose to you, then something is not right. You would not be on thisboard if you were happy!  Ask the Dr. to check to see if the whole tooth is moving or just the crown is loose . It could be just the cement. Go back and make sure he answers all of your questions and that crown feels good!

New Crown Should NOT Feel Loose

I'm not sure why the crown feels loose! It either means the cement is not holding, or else the actual tooth under the crown is loose in the bone. Either event is not right. The dentist should have you back in to check the occlusion (the way the crown hits the opposing tooth), check the mobility of the crowned tooth, and check if the cement is holding. Sometimes it takes a day or 2 to get used to the new crown. Beyond that, it should feel "normal".

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
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