What are the chances of bloot clots/deep vein thrombosis from brachioplasty?

Hello! I'm 25 years old, 5 feet 2 inches, and 135 pounds. I plan on getting a consultation on whether or not brachioplasty is even needed for my arms, as they're not terribly saggy- but before that, I'd like to know how common it is for someone to develop blood clots/deep vein thrombosis/ and other life threatening complications like collapsed lungs from brachioplasty? Thank you for your time!

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Very rare

 The chances are very low for both. An experienced board certified plastic surgeon and consider using a blood thinner for your surgery. 

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Complications from Arm lift

It is very rare for a patient to have a blood clot or a collapsed lung from a brachioplasty.  This procedure is relatively safe. Wound healing issues would be the most common complication.

Earl Stephenson, Jr, MD, DDS, FACS

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