How Are the Bones Kept in Place After Being Broken for Nasal Bone Narrowing? Glue?

I'm east asian and underwent nasal bone narrowing in the orient. My surgeon placed a graft (septal cartilage) on top of my bridge without my consent. Because I have thin skin, the edges of the graft are visible. I'm very unhappy with this result and want to have to graft removed. My question is, how are the nasal bones kept in place after being broken? With some type of glue? If I remove the graft, will I end up with an open roof deformity, or worse yet, will the structure of my nose collapse?

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Broken nose bone narrowing

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 Glue is not used to hold the nasal bones together. The heal by fibrous union after osteotomies. The cast is left in place for one week after the surgery to hold the nasal bones in the desired position after they have been reset. Removing the cartilage graft from the bridge of the nose shouldn't be a problem, however osteotomies  may be required if open roof deformity is present once the graft is  removed

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Nasal bones treated in rhinoplasty

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The nasal bones are kept together after rhinoplasty with a splint for about a week and then the bones calcify and heal.

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How are bones kept in place after being broken during surgery on the nose?

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During rhinoplasty, when the nasal bones are broken to reset them into a different position, an external splint is placed over the nose to help keep them in place.  Glue is not used for this purpose.  You could have the cartilage graft removed from the bridge of your nose and this should not disturb the position of your nasal bones.  Removing the graft should not cause your nose to collapse but I can't comment on whether you might develop on open roof deformity without knowing exactly what was done during your surgery.  You did not mention how long ago you had your rhinoplasty, so if it was fairly recent, your nose would still be healing and the appearance may still change.  Also, it's possible that the cartilage graft you have could just be softened so that the edges do not show.  

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